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Become a Director!

5 Steps to Becoming a Miss Christian America Pageant System's Regional/State Director. Potential Regional/State Director Must:
  1. Complete the initial Miss Christian America Pageant System's State Directors Application and pay the one time $150.00 Application processing FEE.
  2. Complete the Interview process at the Miss Christian America National Pageant Office.
  3. Upon approval, Complete the Pageant Lease Agreement.
  4. Upon certification of the Lease Agreement, pay the yearly lease Agreement FEE of $2500.00
    • Year 1& 2 Lease Agreement Fee $2500.00 (new members discount)
    • Year 3 and upward Lease Agreement Fee $3500.00 (established members rate)
    • Lease Agreement Fee subject to yearly cost of living increases.

  5. Get your Official Directors Press Package from the Miss Christian America National Pageant Office.

Required Qualities:

  • Living a Convicted Christian Lifestyle
  • Member of a Christian Church
  • Active in Ministry
  • Attend Weekly Bible Study

Desired Qualities:

  • Formal Bible training
  • Public speaking experience

Show Proof Of:

Experience of Participating in a Pageant System