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Additional Requirements

Outreach Ministry

The following component applies to the Miss, Ms., & Mrs. categories only.
Each contestant is to develop and sponsor an outreach ministry designed to impact their community with a needed resource that will be viable on a local level as well as an international one. This outreach ministry must be fully developed with a mission statement, goals/objectives and a plan of action (team members, supplies, donations, funding, event schedules, advisory boards, paperwork examples, etc.).

Since outreach ministry development is a part of the overall competition, it will be evaluated (judged and critiqued) during pageant week. The overall evaluation will be based on the presentation of the ministry, as well as its concept.

Power Point presentations, handouts, overhead slides and/or any other appropriate visual aides are suggested.

In order to secure State and/or National titles, the contestant's outreach ministry must be approved and ready for implementation. Upon approval, contestants will then be able to operate their outreach ministries under Virtue & Valor Ministries….Miss Christian America Pageants. Also, once approved paperwork and guidelines for implementation will be provided.

Outreach ministries may include for example: soup kitchens, food pantries, crisis pregnancy programs, mentoring programs, new parent support programs, foster family support programs, senior citizen support programs, convalescent visitation programs, etc. When planning which type of ministry to implement, please consider the cost, the time, the people, the support staff and the supplies needed to bring it to fruition. Make sure that your plan is doable.

The following component applies to the Teen category only.
The Teens are required to volunteer at an out outreach ministry (other than at their local church), a minimum of four (4) hours per week, for an entire year.

All Teens must have their volunteer sites approved by the National Pageant Headquarters, before final selection. All Teens are required to turn in monthly timesheets to the National Pageant Headquarters, by the end of each month.

Christian Mentor

The following component applies to the Teen, Miss, Ms. and Mrs. categories.
Each contestant must have a Christian Mentor. It is preferable that this mentor be a leader from an established ministry. The mentor will serve as a trusted counselor and teacher for the mentee. It is desired that this mentor/mentee relationship be a new relationship. Contestants will be accountable to their mentors for the entire year. All mentors must be approved by the National Pageant Headquarters, before final selection. The mentor will report to a board member on a quarterly basis.